Thursday, 26 April 2012

Connecting the dots ...

 Seth Godin, writer of many books, one of which is great for entrepreneurs, "The Purple Cow"  wrote a very interesting must read on "Stop Stealing Dreams".  While the article is written based on American school system, it defines how the changing role of teachers are killing the aspirations of our future generation.  Unfortunately, this is not only an American issue.  Teachers for the sake of a different outcome - statistics rather than the journey / process has destroyed interest in learning and fostering dreams for what could be. Here's an extract from his article:

When we teach a child to make good decisions, we benefit from a lifetime of good decisions.
When we teach a child to love to learn, the amount of learning will become limitless.
When we teach a child to deal with a changing world, she will never become obsolete.
When we are brave enough to teach a child to question authority, even ours, we insulate ourselves from those who would use their authority to work against each of us.
And when we give students the desire to make things, even choices, we create a world filled with makers.

Friday, 20 April 2012

According to Kids.Net.Au, the definition of kids drama is "the quality of being arresting or highly emotional"; "an episode that is highly turbulent and emotional" including the traditional definition that is popularly known to all that drama is "the literary genre of works intended for theater".
In 1979, the founder, Helen O'Grady created a vision - "Development Through Drama."  33 years later, her program is still the only international children's program of its kind! 

Drama allows your child to experience safely within four walls - ideas, emotions,verbal and physical expressions in each lesson; some of which they may not engage in their lifetime.  These experiences lead them through highly creative and imaginative moments that allow development to take place at the child's pace - the ability to communicate effectively and speak confidently, to think and problem solve creatively, to build teamwork and leadership life skills such as critical thinking, time management, conflict management as well as negotiation skills.

This program does not stop at development just for children; it is also a platform for adults - young, mature and seniors.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Food - always a talking point!

Desserts galore! Yummy yum yum... Jean Chan, Principal of Helen O'Grady Singapore bakes such delightful looking cupcakes.  It is a wonder why we are all staring!  It's a sight to behold and of course, truly very tasty!

But that's not why the children join the Drama Academy!  Like these individual cupcakes, Jean and her teachers treat every child with the same tender loving care. Children are encouraged to develop through drama at their own pace.  Our trained specialists uses the Helen O'Grady drama curriculum to draw out the children's natural gifts and extend their multi-talents; challenging them to improve year after year.

1998 CHIJ Kellock Upper Primary Students

1998 CHIJ Kellock Upper Primary Students
FIRST in-school enrichment program started in 1998 in CHIJ Kellock with this Upper Primary class. 11 years later, drama classes are conducted worldwide as an after-school activity in many schools. Visit us on our website