Thursday, 6 June 2013

Parent Variety Show - Ho Chi Minh City

Parents of Helen O'Grady Drama Academy - Ho Chi Minh City were entertained to a variety show put together by the students for their families and friends.  Here are some loving fun visual moments!

Treated to "Bold Buccaneers"

Away Haul Away

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Eastern Asia First Conference 2013

 A very positive invigorating 2013 Conference!!
First Day of Conference, missing from photo Ren, Jean, Tanya, Kim, Jennifer
Last Day of Conference

From Left standing:  Fern Kwok (Vice Principal, Hong Kong), Francine Booysens (South Africa), Manolo and Marie Escueta (Franchisor, Philippines), Kevin Yu (Franchisee, Hong Kong), Singapore teachers - Margaret, Shirin, Sharon, Jacqueline (Principal, Hanoi), Ren Ee (CEO, Singapore), Jennifer (Singapore teacher), Jean Chan (COO, Singapore).
From left kneeling: Lynette Chiu (Director, HOG Asia), Vince Bunuan (Director of Operations, Philippines), Nancy Soon (Director, HOG Asia), Monique Bunuan(Principal, Philippines), Helen Cowie(Principal, Ho Chi Minh City), Lynette Teo (Director of Training, Singapore and Eastern Asia),
Margaret Ow (GM, HOG Asia).

Helen Cowie, Jenny Phung and Jacqueline Cadger Helen O'Grady Vietnam

Kevin Yu and Fern Kwok Helen O'Grady Hong Kong

Vince, Monique, Manolo and Marie, Helen O'Grady Philippines

Some of theTeaching Team and Directors, Helen O'Grady Singapore

Margaret, Lynette Chiu, Nancy and Lynette Teo, Helen O'Grady Asia

What's your Point?

After an intensive fun first day, it is a recollection moment on What's Your Point?  Our top 3 attendees with a maximum point of 21 points each won for themselves edible "Cool Fish", without having to fish!  But for the rest, they were encouraged to spend the day emulating "sharks"!

So the topic covering Fishing using Social Media to turn our "cold calls" experiences into positive genuine leads was the main point selected by our winners! Who are they?

Jennifer, drama teacher from Helen O'Grady Singapore

Marie Escueta, Director from Helen O'Grady Philippines

Jacqueline Louise Cadger, Principal from Helen O'Grady (Hanoi)

Laughter Yoga kicks start Eastern Asia's first Conference

Eastern Asia Conference kicked off to a roaring "Ho-Ho Ha-Ha Yeah!" that replaced our so familiar tambour!  The Eastern Asia franchisees as well as participants from South Africa and Philippines  agree that Santa Claus laughter is not only easy to learn but highly contagious!  Lynette Chiu, our highly respected Helen O'Grady Drama Director and trainer for Eastern Asia is now a Laughter Yoga certified coach! What better way to start our Monday morning than an extra boost of oxygen for the brain and innovative get-to-know you opportunity!

From left: Margaret Ow (Singapore), Tanya Boey (Singapore), Jenny Phung(Ho Chi Minh City), Francine Booysens (South Africa), Kevin Yu (Hong Kong), Certified Coach and Drama Director, Lynette Chiu

An electrifying moment for Lynette Chiu and Helen Cowie, Principal of
Helen O'Grady (Ho Chi Minh City).

What a contrast! 
Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall - swaying hips, gentle movement and voice to
a strong loud deep laugh! 

1998 CHIJ Kellock Upper Primary Students

1998 CHIJ Kellock Upper Primary Students
FIRST in-school enrichment program started in 1998 in CHIJ Kellock with this Upper Primary class. 11 years later, drama classes are conducted worldwide as an after-school activity in many schools. Visit us on our website