Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Eastern Asia First Conference 2013

 A very positive invigorating 2013 Conference!!
First Day of Conference, missing from photo Ren, Jean, Tanya, Kim, Jennifer
Last Day of Conference

From Left standing:  Fern Kwok (Vice Principal, Hong Kong), Francine Booysens (South Africa), Manolo and Marie Escueta (Franchisor, Philippines), Kevin Yu (Franchisee, Hong Kong), Singapore teachers - Margaret, Shirin, Sharon, Jacqueline (Principal, Hanoi), Ren Ee (CEO, Singapore), Jennifer (Singapore teacher), Jean Chan (COO, Singapore).
From left kneeling: Lynette Chiu (Director, HOG Asia), Vince Bunuan (Director of Operations, Philippines), Nancy Soon (Director, HOG Asia), Monique Bunuan(Principal, Philippines), Helen Cowie(Principal, Ho Chi Minh City), Lynette Teo (Director of Training, Singapore and Eastern Asia),
Margaret Ow (GM, HOG Asia).

Helen Cowie, Jenny Phung and Jacqueline Cadger Helen O'Grady Vietnam

Kevin Yu and Fern Kwok Helen O'Grady Hong Kong

Vince, Monique, Manolo and Marie, Helen O'Grady Philippines

Some of theTeaching Team and Directors, Helen O'Grady Singapore

Margaret, Lynette Chiu, Nancy and Lynette Teo, Helen O'Grady Asia

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1998 CHIJ Kellock Upper Primary Students
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