Sunday, 29 November 2015

Grady's First Day in School - Helen O' Grady's very first published book for children!

We are proud to release our very first drama read-aloud book! Read more about it below or find out more at!

It is Grady Bear’s first day at school.
What will Grady’s first day of school be like? The other children look excited to be in school but not Grady. Who will he meet? What adventure will he embark on? Join Grady Bear and his friends and read aloud rhymes and rhythms in this roller-coaster adventure featuring the adorable, leader-of-the-pack Grady who meets, among others, the magical reading carpet of gold, yellow and green.
In Grady’s First Day At School, our readers will be introduced to school from a child’s point of view. Our young readers will relate to the emotional roller-coaster and the first-time situations that typically happen on the first day at school, and see how Grady Bear and his friends overcome their fears in creative ways.
Parents and teachers will get a number of opportunities to ease into conversations about common anxieties children may have about going to school, such as separation anxiety, making friends, fitting in, being independent, and following instructions.
In Grady’s First Day at School, you will get
  • 20 pages of carefully selected written content based that support vocabulary, grammar and speech learning
  • Read-aloud Drama: Readers will get to read and practice aloud rhymes, vocabulary and sentence structure written by published writer Su-Ann Mae Phillips
  • Beautiful artwork by London-based artist Mike Lowe & layout designer Foo Siew Huey printed on non-toxic, child-friendly paper by Singapore-based Tien Wah Press
  • Ideal 20cm by 20cm book size for sharing in small groups and/or in parent-child pairs. Perfect size for handling by little hands
Due to Limited Quantities, please CONTACT US for your copies

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1998 CHIJ Kellock Upper Primary Students

1998 CHIJ Kellock Upper Primary Students
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